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Mr. Ducat has served as the Acting/Dialogue Coach on several television series and pilots from the big three networks, numerous movies for television, and feature films. He has even coached performers on one of Eminem's tours. He has been an agent, manager, casting director, and still directs theatrical productions when time permits. Rather than list pages and pages of past credits he prefers to show you the results of his unique methodology in the overwhelming successes of his students past and present. His long list of coaching clients and acting students, both past and present, includes the stars of Feature Films, Television Series, New Media, and On and Off-Broadway Stage Productions. You can check out some of them on the Actors Updates page.

Though he is especially gifted with young adult and adolescent actors, he has also worked with an equal number of established veteran performers. His adult list includes Julie Andrews, Jayne Meadows, Jennie Garth, Colleen Camp, Laura Kightlinger, Wil Shriner and the late Eugene Roche and Chris Farley.

Mr. Ducat is a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal with a BFA in Theatre Performance: Directing. He also trained extensively in both Film Production and Film History. While in Montreal he had a successful tenure as both stage director and the Artistic Directorship of Studio Vanguard, a professional actor training program and theatrical production company. He was the Founder and Director of the Young Actors Programme of the Drama Studio London and owner of the Young Actors Workshop in Berkeley, California.

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a personal statement from bruce

I have been doing this a long time, long enough in fact to see some of my earliest students married with children, achieving great material wealth from their acting, writing, producing and directing. I have watched them win awards and become the rightful recipients of enormous accolades. I have watched them tap into their creative centers and create their own careers. I have watched them take those scary and glorious first steps toward mastery and artistry.

I have also watched others find a new path, get married, have children, and find a different life that has little or nothing to do with art, acting, or the entertainment industry. However, they too have taken what they have learned in my classes and used those skills to guide their own destinies and inspire others. Art is supposed to do that. I have, as well, watched a number of complacent "pleasers" grow into fierce independent critical thinkers.

I am so proud of each and every one of those who have walked through my door at some point in their lives. For me, mentoring all these students over the years continues to honor the teachers, directors, professors, and friends who gave me so much when I needed guidance and direction. I feel incredibly blessed and honored to have had an opportunity to work with some of this country's most talented and creative people. Moreover, watching them move on to their lives in active possession of the gifts of authenticity, passion, and whimsy has brought me immeasurable joy and has taught me far more than they will ever know.

I am not, however, a God, Magician, Miracle Worker, or a Guru. The joy you extract from your life and art is equal to what you have contributed to both. Your success as an actor, and in life in general, will depend on what you bring to the work. It will be your passionate willingness to think outside the intellectual box, imagine beyond the script, and learn to play from your heart while listening to the hearts of others that will determine how far you go.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

- Bruce Ducat, Director