What People are Saying about Studio Actreel

"Bruce Ducat is an amazing acting coach. I have worked with him for years because his training doesn't get stale and repetitive. Instead, he constantly pushes each actor to reach their potential and improve their craft."

- Anna Halberg (Boston Public, USC Cinema Grad, Producer)
"Bruce was so instrumental in my sticking it out in this crazy business. He really laid the foundation, encouraged me to find my passions, and he was so very supportive when I needed it most. Man, I really learned so much from him. I will forever be grateful that Bruce's class was the one that I walked into. Thank you, Bruce, for making such an impact..."

- Desi Lydic (MTV's Awkward, Raising Hope, We Bought A Zoo, Stan Helsing, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)
"I have always been impressed with Bruce's unique approach to teaching. I have never experienced his kind of commitment to his students. He pushes them to explore their capabilities, but with a love and respect the students feel, no matter what their age. The wonderful outcome of proper coaching is watching your client grow in confidence, and begin booking jobs after just a few sessions with Bruce. I have seen it happen again and again. Keep up the great work Bruce."

- Helen Garrett (Talent Agent, Helen Garrett Agency, The Savage Agency)
"Acting is a personal craft and each person's process is unique. We are all triggered and inspired in different ways. Bruce has a way of finding those triggers to expand that experience in a different way for each actor. He speaks to each actor in their creative language to communicate those things with humor, technique and understanding."

- Jacey Margolis (SyFy's Outer Space Astronauts)
"Dear Bruce, many thanks again for all your brilliant coaching. You are the Rock of Gibraltar."

- Jayne Meadows (Broadway Star, 5 Time Emmy Winner, Movie Star, and Mrs. Steve Allen)
"To this day, your class was one of the greatest gifts I've been given as an actor. Thank you, Bruce."

- Juliana Harkavy (The Glades, If You Only Knew, Dolphin Tale)
"I have been to other coaches, but Bruce is the one that has made the most significant impression upon me. He teaches you to use yourself in your acting, how to fully live in all moments, to discover all aspects of the character, and so much more. He makes you feel comfortable and truly interested in what he has to teach. Bruce pushes you to be the best actor you can be. I have had the pleasure to be in many classes with Bruce, and I plan to continue classes as long as he's still teaching!"

- Kelcie Stranahan (Last Hours in Suburbia, Avarice, Under the Bed, Hiding, Runaways - A Web Series, Adina's Deck, Without a Trace, The Stalker Club, Current Student)
"I have sat in on many of Bruce's classes over the years and I find him to be an exemplary teacher. He mixes just the right amount of tough love with fun and praise. His students will find themselves well-prepared for professional work."

- Kendra Castleberry (Casting Director, Castle, Life on Mars, October Road)
"Bruce was the first acting teacher who really taught me what it meant to make the role your own. He has a masterful way of bringing out what is most truthful in all his students and for seeing each of his students for what they uniquely bring to the craft. Some teachers teach 'acting', Bruce teaches each actor."

- Laura Flanagan (Actor, Director, Off Broadway, Films)
"I have known Bruce for a number of years, both as an actor and now a casting director. His passion for his students is apparent as he works with them in class and is always a strong supporter in the advancement of their career. Working with Bruce has been a pleasure and as always, I continue to keep his actors in mind when I work on projects--having already booked a few in recent projects."

- Lauren Lazell (Casting Director, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Rules of Engagement, Girlfriends)
"Bruce's life is his work, and his work is and always has been his students."

- Michael Fuller (PhD, Award Winning Stage Director)
"Bruce Ducat is a phenomenal teacher who's classes have propelled many actor's to award winning careers. It is a pleasure to see the discipline and creativity that Bruce has inspired in the people that seek him out to be mentored by his teachings. I am always excited by the work I see at his studio."

- Ricki Maslar (Casting Director)
"Bruce Ducat was the main reason I got into this crazy business--a friend, a mentor,and a fantastic teacher."

- Rider Strong (Actor/Director, Irish Twins, The Dungeon Master, Method, Cabin Fever, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World)
"Bruce Ducat is a fantastic acting coach and someone I highly recommend. I have probably seen 20 to 30 classes over the years and am continually impressed with the specific personal attention he gives each actor. Even more impressive is the phenomenal level of growth I have seen in his actors from session to session. I have watched young actors in the beginning stages of the learning process and have seen them grow to the point of us signing them as a client, sending them out to the professional world and in some cases, negotiating their first network-television deals."

- Robert Haas (Agent, Innovative Artists)
"I've stayed loyal to Bruce Ducat's workshops for these many years because I've never stopped learning. He understands that not everyone grows the same way, and that's why his style is a perfect compliment to any background, technique, or method. With humor, patience and a keen eye, Bruce teaches his students not only how to act, but how to teach themselves. That's a gift that keeps on giving."

- Scott Clifton (Bold and the Beautiful, One Life To Live, General Hospital, 9 Time Emmy Nominee and winner of the 2011 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor, 2013 Best Supporting Actor & 2017 Best Actor)
"Bruce has been an amazing teacher to me. His emphasis on listening, staying in the moment and reacting authentically have helped me incredibly in my acting career. Bruce has always been a welcomed friend, supporter and councilor to my acting goals as well as my life goals. He is an excellent listener and communicator - traits that I feel are essential for an influential teacher to posses and Mr. Ducat has them in spades. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor and I highly recommend him to any aspiring creative person."

- Shiloh Strong (Irish Twins, The Dungeon Master, Method, Dinotopia, The Mirror)
"When it really comes down to it, Bruce Ducat taught me everything I know about acting. He instilled in me a love of acting that remains to this day. He is a deeply intuitive teacher with a flawless eye and an uncanny knack for finding the exact way to unlock each actor's potential. Above all, he understands truth and how to get to the truth of a scene, no matter the material."

- Stephen Falk (Writer/Producer, Weeds, Next Caller, Orange is the New Black, You're the Worst)